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How I work

I work with individuals and with couples.  I offer both long term and short term therapy and will be led by you.  I work collaboratively so will regularly check in with you to see how you feel the therapy is working.  My practice is based in Leith, Edinburgh. I offer both face-to-face and online sessions through Zoom.

Individual Therapy

My approach is Pluralistic which means that I work collaboratively with you to help you get the best out of therapy. I believe that our needs are as individual as we are and my approach reflects that philosophy.  We all have within us the resources we need to help ourselves. In times of crisis we can lose sight of that and may feel lost, therapy can help us access our strengths. Together we will work to explore where you are stuck, help you identify what needs to change and how you can make change happen.

Couples Counselling

Whether your relationship is in crisis or  you find yourselves stuck in the same argument, unable to communicate as you would like to, I can work with you to help you feel less stuck.  
I am a qualified relationship therapist and my work with couples is rooted in Attachment Theory which holds that we bring our understanding and expectations from past relationships into our present ones.  This can sometimes lead us into problems.  When I work with couples, I consider the relationship to be my client. I work to identify and change unhelpful, historic patterns which are getting in the way.  I can also help improve communication and help couples feel that their needs are being met within the relationship.

How I Work: Services
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